Why is having an ‘About Us’ page important?

by 22nd September 2016

About Us

Chances are, if a customer is looking to buy something from you, they’re going to want to know who you are! The customer already knows what they want and what you can do for them, but why should they choose you?

Explaining yourself is vital whenever promoting your business, whether that is through video, Social Media etc, but it’s really important for a customer to know who you are. An ‘About Us’ page is the perfect opportunity. If you want to keep it brief, simply having a high-quality photograph of staff members and a little introduction to the company is enough. However, if you do want to share, it’s great for customers to be able to relate and trust you, so having a few facts/ interesting pieces of information about the team is ideal. Customers will then want to come back or may even be intrigued enough to share information or something they’ve learned about the company.

Remember that this is somewhere to showcase your achievements; any customer testimonials you may have or accomplishments can be posted here also, as this will sum up your company values. Seeing comments from other customers that are unbiased can again make a customer choose you over someone else. If a customer visits 3 other websites and has found that you’re all the same price, you need to show them something that will make you stand out- any USP’s should be put across. Think you’re a specialist at what you do? Shout about it!

As a customer is already on your website, the interest in the company is already there. This is the time to engage, “Put a face to a name” and finalise the business. Head over to our ‘About Us’ page and learn a little bit more about our experts here at Ginger beard!