What is Content Marketing?

by 30th August 2018

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is not a new way of marketing, but it is a growing one. It has recently become more popular due to the rise of Social Media users and businesses becoming ever increasingly social. Businesses use Social Media in order to convey a persona to their customers, as well as increase their popularity and ultimately represent their brand. But what really is it? Simply, it is the creation and sharing of content via Social Media. Whether it is images, text, videos- it is anything that is created and can be shared online.

Content Marketing is a great tool for businesses to get across their personality, whilst sharing what it is they do and what they can offer their customers. When customers look to use a business for a service or to buy a product, they are now taking to looking at their website or Social channels before calling them. This is a great opportunity for businesses to share eBooks, product reviews, videos and explainers to provide a good understanding of their services and products before a customer even gets in touch.

Although Content Marketing can be an excellent method of marketing, it can be time consuming. Spending a lot of hours creating content,  posting it out, dealing with replies and keeping up to date with current trends can be difficult.