Why Invest in Visual Content?

by 15th September 2016

Visual Content

Visual Content can be underrated amongst many companies when marketing, but it is actually a very useful tool that can engage customers and encourage them to reach out to you. Visually representing your company as a brand is so important, especially if you want to encourage your audience to be able to relate and understand your company as a whole.

A video is powerful because posting videos of a high quality will reflect the values of the business, and is the most personal form of interaction between yourself and your viewers, aside from being in the same room with them. Explaining yourself is key, tell your audience all about what you do and how its better than everyone else who does it! Show your company as a specialist and explain your key selling points in a way thats easy to understand- through the use of video.

Not only is a video a good way to explain yourself, its also more appealing to a customer: if they want to learn more about you quickly, it is way less time consuming for them to watch a short video rather than have to read lots of written content for example. If a film is being advertised, it is much more visually engaging for an audience to watch the trailer, rather than reading a review or just seeing a movie poster.

Theres many different kinds of video you can use; a live production can be an excellent way to personalise your company and show off who you are as a team, however an animated or explainer video can be equally as effective and could even show who your team is through the use of characters. You can show off the best qualities of your business through high quality, interesting video and really introduce a personal relationship with your audience.

Visual Content is well worth investing in, as not only does it create a positive image for your brand, it can also generate new leads and business, expanding your current client base. Videos are becoming increasing popular on Social Media sites- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all excellent platforms to show short, teaser videos to excite your audience. It’s even possible to share the full thing, with a call to action at the end, encouraging them to contact you or visit your website.

Equally, videos can be shared around Social Media platforms- if you have an engaging, interesting and well-made video, people will want to share it, which only increases even more interest in your company. People buy from peopleâ and people will start to become more familiar with your brand, if you use the same style and get across the same intriguing content. Google shows results of YouTube in search rankings too, meaning video can even have an impact on your SEO, further increasing viewers to your website.

With great Visual Content, you give yourself a better opportunity to increase awareness of your company, making it relatable and encouraging people to contact you… why wouldnt you?