Frequently Asked Questions


At Ginger Beard we always remain transparent with our customers, offering them a service that we’d expect ourselves. Here are some of our FAQ’s:

How long will it take to receive my video?
Depending on the length of the video, we usually estimate it will take around 3-5 weeks to make a video from start to finish. If we have the luxury of time, we’d like to spend a little longer on it to really perfect all details. We do work to tight deadlines however- don’t be afraid to ask us to finish something quickly, even if it seems unachievable, we never miss a deadline!
Do you use templates?

No we do not use templates. All of the videos we create custom made, all of our assets from scratch.

What do you need from me?
That depends on how much involvement you’d like to have. If you have ideas you’d like us to implement then we can do- otherwise we can fully take the reins and create a video we know you’ll love based on current videos you like.
If you’d like to provide us with a script, record your own voiceover or provide us with any visuals, we’ll use these and either implement them alongside our ideas, or just base the designs on them.
What will I get from having a video?
Again, it entirely depends on what you do with it! All our videos can be shared on websites and all Social Platforms, so they can really be used to their full potential. We can create videos to explain to post simply on your own website or videos to advertise and entice customers to your website/ call you up. It’s really straightforward, and once it’s out there, the benefits really will begin immediately.
Why would my video be better than competitors?
When we create a video, we don’t just create a generic video that’s similar to everyone else’s. We create unique, excellent videos that make you stand out from your competitors.
How long is a script?
For a minute long video, we usually say 140 words per minute. We find that this works best, without having to rush it.
What happens if I don’t like the video?
We offer unlimited revisions as we’re so sure you won’t need them! If you decide you don’t like the video or designs etc. at any stage, we’ll implement any changes and amend it until you’re satisfied.
How can I visualise what the video will be like?
After we’ve researched the project and finalised the script, we’ll create a Visual Concept alongside this to help you visualise what will be shown. We understand that sometimes it can be hard for things to come to life until you actually see it, and at this stage we can see many changes as people have a change of heart. This isn’t an issue; we’ll work until you love it.
Who can we use as a voiceover, could we arrange it ourselves?
We have a talent pool of voiceovers that we use, however if you’d rather choose one yourself or even have someone you know or in your company voice the video, we’re happy to help in whatever way we can. We’ve had clients who have used their own children’s voices before, or recommended someone entirely separate from our pool- as long as it’s professional, anything goes.
Who owns the rights to the video?
We own all rights to the video; however you can use and share it as you wish. For full conditions, download our T&C’s here.
Do you outsource your work?

No. All of our work in is created in the Ginger Beard studio in Braintree in Essex.

How will I receive the files and what format will they be in?
Our recommended video format is h.264 1080p and we will usually send the video via WeTransfer for speed and easiness.
How does payment work?
We charge 50% of the total video cost up front, followed by the final 50% at the end of the project, before we send the final video.
How do I monitor video changes?
We will send you the video/ each element at every stage of the process. We use a video platform online where we encourage comments and feedback, which we’ll implement.
If I want more than one video can I get a discount?
Definitely! We appreciate the support and in turn will offer a discount for every video your purchase- especially if you bulk buy.
What if I don’t like the video?
We will always make changes if you don’t like the video. We’d rather you were 100% happy before you put the video out there, as it should fully represent your company and what you believe in.
Can you white label your services?
We have worked and continue to work with agencies, small and large companies- and continue to develop partnerships within a range of different sectors. We can white label design, video and several other services- just ask us and we’ll adapt to your requirements.
Can I have music?
Sometimes not having music can make a video effective, especially if you want to make it emotive. There are many different kinds of music that we use however, and we usually pick a few favourites for you to choose from. As with everything else, we will allow you to decide which one you like best.
Can we collaborate?
We’re open to collaborations- contact us at hello@gingerbeard.tv to discuss!