Facebook Cover Videos are HERE!

by 4th July 2017

New Cover Videos

Facebook has recently introduced Cover Videos to almost all users, meaning videos are being used and viewed more than ever! Over the last few years, Facebook has continued to evolve and Facebook video ads, Facebook lives and Facebook stories have all been introduced and are now an everyday part of being online.

The new Cover stories however are particularly beneficial to businesses that use Facebook as a platform for their customers- as it’s yet another way to share information about the company and what it does. The number of businesses who share videos on their Social Platforms has increased significantly- with more and more explaining their services by using video. Keeping up to date with current trends and staying relevant is a priority for most businesses, as many clients would look to receive services that will get them ahead of their competition.

The kinds of videos we create here at Ginger Beard are ideal for any social media platforms and would look great as a Facebook cover video. Check ours out on our Facebook or contact us today to get yours!