Unlock The Awesome Potential Of Your Content With Video Branding

Unlock The Awesome Potential Of Your Content With Video Branding

Video is the future! 87% of marketing professionals now use video as a marketing tool. To grow your business brand you need to unlock the full potential of video content. How do you do this?

You may already be regularly creating and publishing video content. But are you using it the right way to reach the maximum potential?

Combine Video Content With The Power Of Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have 2.38 billion, 1 billion and 260 million active monthly users respectively. There’s huge marketing potential here and branded video content can help you unlock it.

By branding your best video content, you grow your reach utilizing your social media users as a key tool. You have a strong message and a winning campaign, but are potential customers and clients linking it back to your brand? With professional video branding, they will!

Maximise Your Business Growth

By using video branding, you increase the power of your brand online. You will see higher conversion rates and generate more traffic to different areas of your business. You can also transform your video content into media that looks professional and is completely sharable. This will help you generate more leads and trigger a higher ROI for the video content that you produce.

Right now, your video content is reaching a fraction of your target audience. Building awareness by branding your best media content, you can build new relationships and increase sales by discovering a whole new audience base.

Why wait? You can start transforming your business growth rate with our expert video branding service today!

Transform Trauma Super Hero Video

Transform Trauma Super Hero Video

Transform Trauma Super Hero Video

Sunday Mirror Article

Here at Ginger Beard we are very proud to say that our work has been mentioned in the Sunday Mirror, supporting Barts Charity. We have created the first ever animated wheelchair superhero! The charity have recently announced a Trauma campaign named ‘Transform Trauma’  which aims to help save the lives of thousands of people who suffer trauma in the UK, and improve the quality of life for the survivors. We really wanted to get involve with this and produce them with an animated video that all generations can relate to, helping raise the 1 million they need to make a difference! The video focuses on Marcus Perrineau-Daley, 28 years old, who shocked medics who didn’t think we would survive after coming off his motorbike. Against all odds he pulled through and since then has become a personal trainer. Marcus noticed that there was no superheros or characters that reflect what it’s like to be in a wheelchair and the reality of real life, so he wanted to make a difference to this, he wanted to create a character that represents people that are either paralysed or injured but still want to do amazing things with their life.

What is Transform Trauma?

It is an appeal run by Barts Charity, their main aim is to raise funds to help continue research for Trauma Sciences, such as spinal cord damage. Barts Charity has helped to double survival rates among the most critically injured patients. However, every hour in the UK, two people die from a trauma injury, the Transform Trauma appeal is here to help change this. Trauma is one of the biggest causes of death and disability in the UK, yet less than 1% of medical research funding is spent in this area. Their mission is to raise £1 million to save the lives of thousands of people who suffer trauma, raise the percentage number and improve the quality of life for survivors.

How to Donate Go online via just giving at bit.ly/transformtraum

Facebook Cover Videos are HERE!

Facebook Cover Videos are HERE!

Facebook Cover Videos are HERE!

New Cover Videos

Facebook has recently introduced Cover Videos to almost all users, meaning videos are being used and viewed more than ever! Over the last few years, Facebook has continued to evolve and Facebook video ads, Facebook lives and Facebook stories have all been introduced and are now an everyday part of being online.

The new Cover stories however are particularly beneficial to businesses that use Facebook as a platform for their customers- as it’s yet another way to share information about the company and what it does. The number of businesses who share videos on their Social Platforms has increased significantly- with more and more explaining their services by using video. Keeping up to date with current trends and staying relevant is a priority for most businesses, as many clients would look to receive services that will get them ahead of their competition.

The kinds of videos we create here at Ginger Beard are ideal for any social media platforms and would look great as a Facebook cover video. Check ours out on our Facebook or contact us today to get yours!