We’ve just sent out a new Email Marketing blast!

We’ve just sent out a new Email Marketing blast!

Our new email is based on the classic ’12 days of Christmas’ and will consist of us sending an email every week for 12 weeks in the lead up to Christmas. Our aim is to teach our readers something! Whether that be how amazing animation is, why email marketing is good, or why video on your website is the best thing you can do- we’ll provide facts and helpful tips to help improve your business.

Beginning your Christmas advertising early is essential, so many businesses will be in competition at this time of year to try and get the most business when people are arguably spending the most money. Making your company stand out with a high-quality, visually engaging video is the best way to get noticed and generate new custom.

We think that sending out regular emails and addressing your audience is the best way to advertise in a subtle way, without directly selling to customers. We feel this is the same with video on your website, they’re both subtle ways of advertising and marketing yourself to customers, without putting them under pressure and ‘selling’ too much.

Sign up on our ‘contact us’ page or have a chat with us on our live chat to get involved and begin receiving regular emails from us!