We produce work that is dynamic, engaging & visually stimulating

We pride ourselves on our ability to individualise each project, seeking the right talent, equipment, locations and editing style that will suit you best. Each department collaborates seamlessly, bringing together animation, film and sound to produce your project. So whether its film, animation, music videos, commercial advertisement, design or photography on a tight budget or with lots to spend; we can accommodate to your every need to make your dreams turn into reality.

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We offer a wide range of different video marketing services.


Video Marketing

We can help setup your business with a range of video marketing solutions.

TV Commercials

We can produce TV Commercials and Adverts at an affordable rate.

Promotional Video

We can create a promotional video to entertain and educate your audience.

Animated Videos

2D, 3D, Character, Explainer, Website, App, Kinetic and Infographic Animations.

Product & Service Videos

Whether you need a Product or a Service Video, Ginger Beard is here to help!

Explainer Videos

A user-friendly approach to tell your story through the eyes of your customers.


Ginger Beard Productions can help you create your ideal video. A lot of care and attention to detail goes into each and everyone of our videos. We offer unlimited revisions until your happy with your video. We are real people that you are talking to, so get in touch.